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Recent Reviews

Flying With Amelia by Anne DeGrace
“Being moved by a book is one of the great joys of my life, and Anne DeGrace never fails to deliver emotionally rich and aesthetically enticing fiction.” — The Globe and Mail

Infrared by Nancy Huston
“The novel flows with a thematic coherence built up out of many small and tenuously connected episodes. Huston shows her usual mastery of complicated structure, her wide cultural knowledge and her brilliant, assured portraiture.” — The Globe and Mail

Infrared is not for those who enjoy a simple narrative… It’s a more ruminative and sensual read, for those who prefer to move through a story on several different paths, exploring the plot from various angles and discovering meaning in the rhythms therein.” — National Post

The End of the Wasp Season by Denise Mina
“Mina’s latest is a collection of brilliant character studies, all packaged up nicely in a first-class murder mystery. I can’t wait for more.” — Vancouver Sun

“[A] deft, multi-layered murder thriller from one of Scotland’s premier crime-fiction writers.” — The Globe and Mail

The Survivor (Book Two of the Alford Saga) by Paul Almond
“If you like your Canadian history fast and furious, a crisis on every page, you will enjoy this film-on-paper by …director Paul Almond.” — The Globe and Mail

Long Time, No See by Dermot Healy
“The novel Long Time, No See has made me into a huge Dermot Healy fan . . . I immediately became excited reading this book, excited to sense the nuance and weird wit and sheer power of his talent.”  — Mark Anthony Jarman, The Globe and Mail

The Beauty Chorus by Kate Lord Brown
The Beauty Chorus is a story of love and adventure, of loss and pain, and heroism. I can already see the movie.” —  Daily Mail

Champagne for Buzzards by Phyllis Smallman
“the best tale by Phyllis Smallman yet. Sherri sparkles with all the rhinestone glitter and trailer-trash heart of gold a reader could hope for. The conversational dialogue around the kitchen table, and the blunt, animal-like confrontational climax, reveals Smallman has hit her stride.” — Don Graves, The Hamilton Spectator

“Smallman knows how to crank up the reader’s tension . . . and her portrayal of Florida and its residents seems spot on.” — National Post

“The dialogue is crisp, the jokes are funny and the setting as nutty as any city slicker can believe.”   — Margaret Cannon, Globe and Mail

Affinity: Beyond Branding by Martin Goldfarb and Howard Aster
“[AFFINITY] give us a ‘behind the scenes’ glimpse of a master marketer at work. Great advertising is great storytelling, and Goldfarb is a great storyteller. Whether talking about his work with the auto industry, with De Beers diamonds, or with Scotiabank, affinity ties it all together.” — Halifax Chronicle-Herald

“Interesting… graceful, flowing writing…the stories from the front lines of his market research are engrossing” — The Globe and Mail

“Goldfarb says he doesn’t care whether it’s Aspirins or bras or cars, the real magic in finding innovative ways of selling to consumers is to unlock the psyche of the buyer and also learn how culture works. It is this philosophy that has helped him turn failing companies around. That’s what brought Goldfarb to Windsor and Detroit: to save Ford Motor Company. Now he’s telling the story behind the story in a book called Affinity: Beyond Branding.” — The Windsor Star

The Deserter by Paul Almond
“Can you talk about thrill-a-minute Canadian history? You can now. Paul Almond has worked for many years as a TV and film director, and his skill shows in the drama and pacing of this first-rate read.” — Carole’s BookTalk

“I believe this one should be placed into the hands of every young student learning the history of Canada…. Paul Almond’s portrayal of the Mik’maq is very accurate, he embraces the true circumstances and includes the significant legends of the people.” — Mrs. Q Book Addict

The Coast Road (A Matt Minogue Mystery) by John Brady
“All you need to know about the implosion of the Celtic Tiger is in The Coast Road. Who won, who lost, and who’s going to pay. Then we move to murder and one of Brady’s best Matt Minogue books ever.” — Margaret Cannon, Globe & Mail

“His setting and style are pure Irish, but The Coast Road’s  themes are internationally timely – as well as eloquently expressed.” — The London Free Press

Canadian Cheese: A Pocket Guide by Kathy Guidi
“Marketer and fromage appreciation educator Kathy Guidi has followed the renaissance every step of the way, and artfully channels that immense knowledge into a clear, concise primer.” — Calgary Sun

“This book is an excellent resource for anyone interested in discovering the local cheeses. I highly recommend this book for anyone wanting to learn more about cheese and have a handy guide to the local varieties that we may overlook when at the markets.” — Spotlight Toronto

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