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Press Release for Secrets of the Dunes by Julianna Kozma

April 23, 2012


A Hannah and Emily Morgan Mystery 2

Julianna Kozma

Evidence of the lost city of Atlantis has been found in tiny Prince Edward Island, of all places! Amateur detectives Hannah and her younger sister Emily are intent upon unravelling the historical puzzle that has stumped experts for millennia: Where exactly is Atlantis hidden? Along with friends Jack and Lucy, the four investigators help a team of professional archaeologists dig for clues to unearth the mystery behind Atlantis’ sudden disappearance 9000 years ago.

The sleuths soon discover a dazzling artifact buried deep in the island’s famous red soil, and expert analysis reveals the object originated in Atlantis! Just as their dreams of fame begin to blossom, they are crushed as heartless thieves threaten to destroy the evidence of the lost city. It’s up to Hannah and her gang to solve the mystery with their usual flair.

JULIANNA KOZMA’s debut novel, Mosquitoes of Summer, was the 2009 winner of Book Idol. “Beautiful Insanity” has just been accepted into the very first issue of Warpaint, a prestigious short story anthology. Julianna worked as a financial journalist before becoming a teacher. She divides her time between the Laurentians in Quebec and Prince Edward Island with her husband, their two children, and their pet parrots, Mr. Bean and Pickles.

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