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Stuart Clark’s The Sensorium of God in The Daily Mail!!

April 13, 2012

Written by The Daily Mail’s Kathy Stevenson:

I had been greatly anticipating this book after reading The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth, the first in Clark’s trilogy, so I was cock-a-hoop when it landed on my desk. And my anticipation was not in vain. It is 1679 and the Age of Enlightenment is under way. The greatest scientific minds of the day are struggling to overcome the mysteries of the skies, building on the works of Kepler and Gallileo so brilliantly described in the previous volume.

Central to this tale are Isaac Newton, Edmond Halley and Robert Hooke, whose professional rivalries come perilously close to undoing so much good work. Has Newton actually been stealing Hooke’s research?

Stuart Clark has once again invoked the great debates using enough science to help the reader’s understanding without over-blinding laymen like me. The concluding volume will be about Einstein. My breath is bated.

The Sensorium of God is coming this May 2012!!


Don’t forget to grab a copy (if you haven’t already) of Stuart Clark’s first novel of the trilogy

The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth

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