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The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth Blog Tour

December 12, 2011

The Sky’s Dark Labyrinth blog tour starts today!

With the help of our fantastic contributing bloggers, Dr. Stuart Clark will be making seven stops – with a new post uploaded each day from December 12-16th.


 THE SKY’S DARK LABYRINTH is the first of a trilogy of novels inspired by the dramatic struggles, personal and professional, and key historical events in man’s quest to understand the Universe.

At the dawn of the seventeenth century everyone believed that the sun revolved around the earth. Yet some men knew that the heavens did not move as they should. And some men began to suspect that this heresy was in fact the truth. As Europe convulsed in conflict between Catholic and Protestant, these men prepared to die for that truth. This is the story of Kepler and Galileo, two men whose struggle with themselves, with the evidence and with the forces of reaction changed not simply themselves but our world.

Be sure not to miss any reviews or guest posts, including Q&As with Dr. Stuart Clark and signed copies for giveaway.


Monday December 12

Book Gaga


Tuesday December 13

Book Discovery 


Wednesday December 14

 A Winding Road 

Keeping the Passion for Writing Alive  


Thursday December 15


Book Discovery  


Friday December 16

 Space Couture 

Misfits & Mascara


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