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Globe and Mail Top 100 for 2011

November 28, 2011

We are pleased to announce that two of our books have been listed on The Globe and Mail‘s annual Top 100 list: Nancy Huston’s Infrared and Dermot Healy’s Long Time, No See.

Infrared by Nancy Huston

Rena, a 45-year-old photographer in Paris, visits Florence with her elderly father and her stepmother, even though she can’t bear to be away from her lover and resents her stepmother. We come to see that her relationship with her father is problematic too. Huston shows her mastery of complicated structure, wide cultural knowledge and brilliant, assured portraiture.  – Michel Basilières, The Globe and Mail [read the full review]

Infrared is not for those who enjoy a simple narrative… It’s a more ruminative and sensual read, for those who prefer to move through a story on several different paths, exploring the plot from various angles and discovering meaning in the rhythms therein.” — National Post

Long Time, No See by Dermot Healy

Roddy Doyle calls Healy Ireland’s greatest writer. He’s is definitely in the pantheon; his prose is impressive. This novel covers several months in Ireland’s northwest and features an adolescent protagonist nicknamed Mister Psyche. There is little plot, but Healy makes up for this with strange dry humour, affectionate satire and a sharp eye for minutiae. – Mark Anthony Jarman

The novel Long Time, No See has made me into a huge Dermot Healy fan . . . I immediately became excited reading this book, excited to sense the nuance and weird wit and sheer power of his talent. – Mark Anthony Jarman, The Globe and Mail [read the full review]

Check out the full list of the Top 100 Books from The Globe and Mail.

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