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The Beauty Chorus: Blog Tour Dates Revealed!

May 13, 2011

Click here to read more about Kate Lord Brown and The Beauty Chorus

Our blog tour has finally arrived! Follow us as we take-off into the blogosphere with Kate Lord Brown and her debut novel The Beauty Chorus, this coming Monday May 16th.

With the help of our fantastic contributing bloggers, we have put together a number of guest posts and reviews for you to enjoy – with a new post uploaded each day running from May 16th through to May 31st.

The historical Beauty Chorus offers readers an insight into the harrowing yet often glamorous lives of three female pilots flying across Britain during WWII.  With a novel full of friendship, romance, and the allure of wartime history, there has been no shortage of discussion amongst our bloggers – using their literary expertise to share insights into the significance of the novel and the incredible bond shared by our brave heroines. 

Be sure not to miss any reviews or guest posts – including interviews with the author Kate Lord Brown about her research, writing styles, and inspiration for creating the novel. 

So join us as our blog tour begins to take flight, and be sure to keep checking back for more reviews, comments, and interviews!


Monday  May 16

Guest-Post by Peeking Between the Page:

Tuesday May 17

Interview by A Bookworm’s World:

Wednesday May 18

Review from Literary Treats:

Thursday May 19

Review from Reading for the Joy of It:

Friday May 20

Guest Post by Chocolate Reality:

Monday May 23

Interview by Keeping the Passion for Writing Alive:

Tuesday May 24

Review from Keeping the Passion for Writing Alive:

Wednesday May 25

Review from Book Babe:

Review from Fire in Mine Ears:

Friday May 27

Review from Thrifty Mommas Brainfood:

Monday May 30

Review from So Many Precious Books, So Little Time:

Tuesday May 31

Guest-Post by So Many Precious Books, So Little Time:

Guest-Post by Fiction is Stranger than Fact:

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