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Turn up the heat with new travel memoirs

March 23, 2011

Dreaming of visiting an exotic locale to escape the chilly days of early spring?

Take home one of these travel memoir books and you’ll be instantly transported to rural France or delicious Tuscany. And there’s no need to buy a plane ticket! Toute Allure is Karen Wheeler’s second memoir about her move from fashionable London to a village in rural France, the follow-up to the hilarious Tout Sweet. Karen’s idyll in her new home is almost complete — until a gang of macho Portuguese builders, a procession of badly behaving Brits and an ex-boyfriend begin to arrive on her doorstep.

If you are craving delicious Italian food, follow Victoria Cosford to Italy, in her memoir Amore and Amaretti, a colourful and intoxicating gastro-memoir that will take you behind the scenes of romantic restaurants and bars in Tuscany, Umbria, Elba and Perugia. Interspersed with recipes, humour and heartbreak, it will leave you entranced and with a hankering for tagliatelle and truffles.

Toute Allure and Amore and Amaretti are now available in your local bookstore or favourite e-bookstore.

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