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November New Books!

November 17, 2010

We’ve got an exciting round of books hot off the presses this November, beginning with the latest from Bryce Courtenay, best known for The Power of One. The Australian author has done it again with The Story of Danny Dunn, a family saga spanning three generations. It is a compelling tale of love, ambition and the destructive power of obsession, at a time of great change in Australia’s history. ‘From gritty pre-war Balmain to the death camps of Singapore and back to 70s Sydney, this is an epic from a superlative storyteller’ (Harper’s Bazaar).

And just in time for the holiday season, we’ve got Billy’s Best Bottles: Wines for 2011, which will take away the headache of choosing the perfect wine for that special gathering on your calendar. It’s an accessible and friendly guide that makes buying wine as easy as going grocery shopping.

Perfect for the news junkie, political pundits, or anyone who likes a giggle, Portfoolio 24 is the collection of the year’s best Canadian editorial cartoons. From Harper’s proroguing anctics to the Winter Olympics to the BP Oil Spill, nothing is safe from the razor wit of editorial cartoonists!

If you like to laugh, Lisa Dow’s new novel With Her Boots On is the perfect way to beat November blahs! Follow Mel Melrose as she navigates the terrifying territories of crazy bridal showers, crazier co-workers, and a boyfriend gone AWOL. When everything around Mel is going to the dogs, can she stay one step ahead?

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Find out more about these books and other great reads from McArthur & Company at Happy November!

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